WEBINAR: Colour 3D scanning of National Heritage resources by SMARTTECH3D


MICRON3D color is a 3D scanner created for the precise digitalization of colorful objects. This unique touchless measuring system is a perfect tool for creating a digital twin of real objects both for archiving valuable artifacts and prototypes documentation.

The highest resolution available on the market allows for imaging objects with the highest level of detail is perfect for digitization of objects with the for example pottery ornaments, registering all small details like canvas damages or microfractures. Sensitive detector of the scanner ensures that both dark and shiny object can be scanned and integration with a shadeless lighting system provides high-quality, accurate color data.

The scanner does not require calibration and and thanks to its „plug&scan” system can be used without long preparatory process. It is ready to use right after being plugged in. Despite the advanced measuring technology the usage of the scanner has been simplified so that it can be operated by a person without specialized technical knowledge.
MICRON3D color is currently the one and only scanner with such a high scanning resolution, which at the same time obtains information about the color of the object.

Non-invasive technology guaranteed. The 3D scanning technology using only white light, LED light guaranties measured artifacts safety (a laser is not being used in the system).

Convenience and ease of use. MICRON3D is a mobile 3D scanner. For the end user`s convenience, each scanner is delivered and installed along with the workstation and software for measuring data processing. SMARTTECH 3D scanners are already calibrated – they don`t require any additional calibration performed by the user before starting the scan.

Specialization of the scanner for the needs of museum measurements. Over 20 years-long experience in 3D scanners production and cooperation with museums helped us to introduce additional improvements and equipment specialized for the measuring of national heritage objects. Among others, we offer numerical controlled rotary stages for measurement automatization and a fully integrated, professional shadeless lighting system triggered by a 3D scanner. It ensures uniform reproduction of texture and color throughout the entire object. The shadeless lighting systems integrated with MICRON3D color scanners is the only such solution on the market. We provide professional service, technical support, and comprehensive training in 3D scanning and data processing.

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25.07.2023 | 1:00 PM CEST time


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