Webinar: Designing Perfect Aftermarket Parts with 3D Scanning

22.04.2021 (in English)

22.04.2021 | 4:00 PM EEST | register here

In this live webinar Simon Côté, Product Manager at Creaform, will discuss reverse engineering parts and environments and ways to acquire the quality and quantity of data required for complex designs with the help of SILVER series 3D scanners, a recent addition to the HandySCAN 3D lineup. Guest speaker Rob Parsons, Founder of Cagekits & Co-Founder of The Chairslayer Foundation, will also detail the reasons why his company has decided to replace traditional measuring methods and opt for a 3D measurement device.

This presentation will demonstrate:

How 3D scanning enables aftermarket manufacturers to push their designs to a whole new level

The benefits of collecting more data, including decreased numbers of design iterations and reduced development times

How scanning complex surfaces quickly with an impressive level of detail impacts and improves design quality

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