Materialographic Mounting: Basic Concepts and Consumables

This webinar offers an introduction into mounting techniques used for materialographic sample preparation. Basic concepts and terms will be reviewed. The main focus of the webinar is on application tips, common artifacts, and selection of consumables. This webinar is primarily intended for beginners or lateral entrants that are interested in learning the fundamental principles and […]

Semi-Automated PAUT Inspection of Bolts and Pins

Explore the game-changing Creo Bolt Scanner in our webinar, showcasing its simplified setup for comprehensive Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) and Total Focusing Method (TFM) inspections. Learn how this innovative tool streamlines the process, eliminating the need for traditional testing and providing recorded, reliable, and repeatable scans. Discover the enhanced stability and reliability achieved through […]

Efficient hardness testing with sample holders of grinding and polishing machines

Are you interested in efficient and fast processing of standardized components? If this is the case, don’t miss this webinar on the use of sample holders of QATM grinding and polishing machines. Feel free to join us and learn how to make your workflow easier and much more comfortable. Highlights include This webinar will reveal […]

Metallographic preparation of lithium-ion batteries

As you know, one of the key procedures in ensuring the quality of LIBs involves a meticulous investigation of the cap and case of the battery, the spot welding, and the electrodes. As these components are a mixture of different materials with different forms, each component requires its own preparation method to reveal its intrinsic […]

Benefits of PAUT in Corrosion Mapping

Join this immersive journey into the cutting-edge world of Corrosion Mapping as we unveil the game-changing Benefits of PAUT. Dive into the advantages of using Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing for corrosion assessment, explore the revolutionary Wheelprobe (WP2) solution by Sonatest, and witness how this innovative technology redefines speed, accuracy, and efficiency in large-area inspections. Elevate […]

Introduction to Materialographic Grinding & Polishing

In this webinar you will learn about the fundamentals of grinding and polishing, and the applications of different grinding and polishing consumables.  Using practical examples, you will be shown possible artefacts and how to prevent them.  The webinar is primarily for beginners or lateral entrants that are interested in the fundamentals and have little practical […]

The Choice of the Correct Mounting Method – the chemistry has to be right!

The correct mounting method in materialography is essential to gain meaningful insights into the structure of samples. A thorough understanding of the basic chemistry is crucial. Materials react differently to preparation methods and specially selected mounting materials are available depending on hardness, solubility and composition. A porous sample, for example, requires cold mounting in epoxy […]

EnforceAir2 Next-Gen High-Performance Cyber C-UAS System: Features and Functions

Join the webinar where D-fend Solutions dive deep into the advanced features and benefits of the new version of EnforceAir. Designed to support tactical and on-the-move counter-drone operations, EnforceAir2 offers seamless operational flexibility to benefit your organization. During this webinar, you will: Join us on Monday, November 27, at 10:00 a.m. EST, 15:00 GMT, and be […]

Solutions for Quality Control & Post-Processing in Additive Manufacturing

In the Additive Manufacturing process, attention to detail is crucial – from the initial powder to the final product.Join the webinar and find out how CARBOLITE GERO, ELTRA, QATM, MICROTRAC MRB, and RETSCH equipment assists in optimizing the numerous production steps required to achieve the desired results. PARTICLE SIZE REDUCTION AND PARTICLE SIZE SEPARATION IN […]

WEBINAR: Colour 3D scanning of National Heritage resources by SMARTTECH3D

MICRON3D color is a 3D scanner created for the precise digitalization of colorful objects. This unique touchless measuring system is a perfect tool for creating a digital twin of real objects both for archiving valuable artifacts and prototypes documentation. The highest resolution available on the market allows for imaging objects with the highest level of […]

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