Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) radiography for pipe wall inspection

Durr corrosion under isultation

NDE Solutions has been using the DÜRR NDT DRA 3543 digital flat panel since 2021 in combination with Iridium-192 radiation sources to perform Corrosion-Under-Insulation (CUI) radiography for confirming pipe wall loss in oil and gas plants and refineries. The panel sees weekly use in 8-hour continuous shifts and typically is used to capture more than 60 X-ray […]


radiography museology

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (CWF) is the oldest and largest living history museum in the United States, offering access to a 301-acre Historic Area and outstanding museum exhibits for visitors. It is an active site for archaeology and research, with significant cultural collections, such as decorative art, American folk art, and architectural materials. The Foundation’s […]

Sonotec: How an app is revolutionizing steam trap testing?

Is the steam trap working properly or is it defective? SONOTEC provides answers with the new SteamExpert app for the SONAPHONE digital ultrasound testing device. With the SteamExpert app for the mobile testing device SONAPHONE, SONOTEC is expanding it‘s portfolio with a software application specially developed for steam trap testing. “Our latest app for the SONAPHONE digital […]

DÜRR NDT: Efficient wall profiling with the HD-CR 35 NDT

Danamin (M) Sdn Bhd is an inspection company located in Johor, Malaysia with more than 200 employees nationwide and is a long-term user of the HD-CR 35 NDT scanner. Danamin has been using the HD-CR 35 NDT system for pipe profile inspection since 2007 and initially acquired the system to fulfill an inspection requirement from […]

QATM: Achieve highest flatness and reproducible results in Al and Ti sample preparation for quality control in the aerospace industry

Reliable quality control, and thus good preparation of the samples for analysis, is essential to prevent material failure. Errors can lead to serious safety issues and economic consequences. For industries like Aerospace this is particularly important. Turbine blades, for example, are exposed to exceptionally harsh conditions resulting from a combination of high operating temperatures and […]

Hirox Europe releases 10-billion-pixel scan of Girl with a Pearl Earring

Today you can view a 10-billion-pixel scan of the Johannes Vermeer painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” Over the course of one night, the folks at Hirox captured 91,000 photos of the painting. Hirox fed the photos into a computer where their custom software took care of all the stitching. The result was a single […]

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