Acoustic Thermal Imager for Preventive Maintenance

SONOTEC GmbH presents the acoustic thermal imager SONASCREEN® IR – the world first acoustic camera with thermal imaging function. This device for ultrasonic testing combines the well-known properties of the SONASCREEN acoustic camera and a thermal imaging mode, so users can keep a close eye on their critical assets. SONASCREEN®IR offers fast, intuitive and simple way to spot and troubleshoot […]

Dantec Dynamics released a new version of the Istra4D V4.10 software


Dantec Dynamics released a new verison of Istra4D V4.10! This new software version is packed full of new features & functionalities for (camera) measurement acquisition, correlation evaluation & post-processing visualization. New features include: Point Tracking – this allows users to track an unlimited number of individual subsets/facets as discrete points. Using the DIC algorithm backbone, […]

The Portable hardness testers of Screaning Eagle Proceq are now part of our portfolio

portable hardness testers

Screening Eagle Technologies provides a technology platform for intelligent inspection of the built environment. The company was created through the merger of Dreamlab in Singapore and Proceq in Switzerland with a mission to protect the built world with software, sensors and data. Screening Eagle’s full-stack inspection solution combines intuitive software and powerful portable sensors to […]

Precision cut-off machine Qcut 200A by QATM

precision cut-of machine qcut 200A

The Qcut 200 A is a precision cut-off machine with up to 3 automatic axes for use with cut-off wheels up to 203 mm / 8‘‘ in size. The Qcut 200 A is a compact, precision cut-off machine that offers the highest possible flexibility and use of space, with up to three automatic axes (X, […]

New partner for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Solutions: NDT and Material Testing

Dantec Dynamics specializes in the development, manufacture, and application support of measurement systems that acquire and analyze data of physical properties in fluids and solid structures. They deliver turnkey and customized solutions built on high-end laser optics, imaging, and sensor technologies. The product range we offer includes laser shearography and solidworks digital image correlation. Laser […]

Sonatest is introducing CREO BOLT Scanner – a multi-purpose modular scanner

CREO Modula is a multi-purpose modular scanner capable of scanning 1” to 3” studs and surface scanning circumference up to 400 mm diameter.  The modular design allows the scanner to be reconfigured with various probe holders, switchable magnet, and face scanning arm. The unique design incorporates a direct drive to the encoder meaning the scan […]

New partner for NDT testing with Pulsed Eddy Current Technology: Maxwell NDT

MAXWELL NDT is a newly founded company providing electromagnetic inspection technology. The vision is to bring together expertise in electromagnetic non-destructive testing, starting with Pulsed Eddy Current Technology (PECT). PECT has been developed to detect corrosion hidden under insulation. Previous instruments often lacked the power to be fast and effective. Using the latest battery technology, […]

New partner for X-Ray inspection of small luggage, cargo and vehicles: VMI Security

VMI Security, Part of the Prime Holding Group, is a company that works with X-ray technology for non-intrusive inspection. They develop innovative technology, manufacture high quality equipment and offer continuous support service for preventive maintenance. The company provides end-to-end solutions: from the development of control and security systems to customer service and after sales. VMI […]

QATM: Fully automatic cutting robot with max. 5 axes

The Qcut 600 BOT cutting robot opens up new possibilities with its 5 axes (X-, Y-, Z-, B-, C-axis) and the generously sized machine table (Ø 600 mm) opens up new application possibilities. The automatic travel (X-axis) and cross-cut (Y-axis) reach speeds of up to 80 mm/sec thanks to its highly dynamic drives. The rotary […]

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