IT Concepts: New videoscope with stereo vision

The innovative videoscope is developed by IT Concepts (developer, manufacturer and OEM-partner in industrial endoscopy and imaging technologies) together in a partnership of (developing advanced automation solutions for production and MRO in the aviation industry). iX3D is a precise videoendoscope system for the execution of punctual and three-dimensional surface inspection in hard-to-reach areas. The […]

New partner for 3D scanning solutions: Smarttech 3D

SMARTTECH3D was established in 2000 by a group of doctors and researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology. For 20 years the company was and still is developing and improving contactless measurement methods based on the structured LED light, especially white LED. This allows us to obtain a realistic shape recreation with full-color reproduction. Combining […]

QATM: New Hardness Tester: Speed – Precision- Cost Efficiency

During the development of the Qness 200 units, particular attention was paid to the following things: Maximum performance with minimum effort. The proven concept with fixed test head and movable spindle, as well as its compactness give the Qness 200 CS its name, the precision-manufactured fivefold turret its speed. With a test height of up […]

New Partner for optical emission spectrometers: Arun Technologies

ARUN Technology has been dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, sales and service of optical emission spectrometers since launching the world’s first portable CCD based metals analyser in the 1980’s. At present, ARUN Technology provides desktop OES spectrometers and handheld LIBS metal analysers. ARUN Technology Limited is part of the Focused Photonics, Inc. (FPI) Group […]

Galdabini: New version of Labtest software

Labtest is a modern operating system offering various applications. It has been designed and updated by the Galdabini software team, paying particular attention to customer requirements. The software is divided up into specific industry sectors to simplify making a test and only showing relevant results, typical of that sector. Some of the new software Implementations […]

QATM: New powerful design of the Qgrind XL planar grinding machine

The grinding head and diamond dresser are equipped with a robust ForceControl system and enable reproducible and high grinding forces. The integrated load cells and the innovative motorized force control ensure defined material removal and maximum process reliability. The particularly robust and powerful design of the Qgrind XL planar grinding machine allows for maximum material […]

DÜRR NDT: New wireless flat panel detector for corrosion and erosion inspections

The new DRC 3643 NDT rounds off DÜRR NDT’s DRC product range of robust flat panel detectors for industrial digital radiography. Designed for durability, the detector features a dust-tight and waterproof aluminum housing that ensures reliable operation even in the harshest environments. The TFT sensor does not contain any glass, which provides protection against possible […]

IT Concepts: New Rigid Videoendoscope

IT Concepts has developed new Rigid Videoscope with 0° and 90° direction of view and rotatable tube. There are available different working lengths and image and video documentation via the operating system EIOS.

Sonotec: Solution for Stationary Condition Monitoring with Ultrasound

Turbulent flows of gases and liquids, e.g. in pipes or valves, can be monitored with permanently installed structure-borne sound probes (contact probes) as well as air-borne sound probes. In addition, structure-borne sound probes are also suitable for processes in which friction is responsible for the generation of ultrasound (e.g. bearing testing). With the T20 ultrasonic transducer, […]

Sonotec: New Software App and Sensor for Bearing Inspection

The new version of the SONAPHONE LevelMeter App not only excels in its new design, but also offers all SONAPHONE users an optimal workflow for bearing inspection. Thanks to the newly integrated manual gain, constant measurement conditions can be ensured, such as in the context of comparative measurements. With the adjustable band-pass filter, the frequency range can […]

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